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“When I grow up…

I want to be exhausted all the time and out of shape. I want to spend my days clock watching at a job I hate and have no time or energy to have fun or do the things I love, oh and I really, really want to be in a heap of debt too.”

…said no child ever.

Why the fuck do we accept this now then?

Think about it…

You only get one shot at life – are you making the most of it? Or is ‘life’ getting in the way of living your best life?

I dare you to be happy!

Or maybe…

You kinda do have it alright. You’ve got your lot. You should be happy. You can’t work it out.

Why do you still feel so shitty?

Life is kinda messy…

It’s totally normal and 100% ok to get in a funk sometimes, it’s only a problem when the funk won’t get the funk out – especially when we think we haven’t got anything really to be unhappy about.

You need a little Happiness Ninja.

How can I help you?


“What you do saves lives” – Gwenno

Grab Life by the Balls x